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Suspiros helados (PREVENTA)

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Autor: J. Fersán
Colección: Odín
Género: Thriller suspense
Formato: edición rústica con solapas (14x21cm)
Nº de páginas: 370

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Life can change in a matter of seconds. When we notice it the most is as we advance in it. In day to day. Week after week. Year after year. We are formed as people and we believe we have control of our destiny. But all this for which we fight can evaporate in a sigh, without remedy. Without being able to do anything about it, no matter how much it hurts. Something beyond our control is more powerful than our willpower. Sophie wants to completely change her life, but her twin sister dies in strange circumstances that point to the past they both shared. An unavoidable escape. An inexplicable encounter. An uncertain future. Everything you would want for our protagonist, and for you too, at your fingertips. So close. So far. Until the end.


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