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Piel de Mariposa

17.90 IVA incluido

Autor: Clara Rodríguez Valero

Colección: Valkiria

Género: Ficción histórica /fantasía

Formato: edición rústica con solapas (15x23cm)

Nº de páginas: 270



Here the myth begins. In the 18th century United States, plunged into chaos and war, Fallacy Hobbes Randall, a fourteen-year-old farm girl, will be forced to undertake a search in Cherokee territory that will take her to the threshold of an unknown world. Guided by her strong will, she will make her way through a sea of ​​dangers, intrigues and secrets that will rule not only the fate of her universe, but that of many others. On the other side of the border, a Cherokee mestizo, Bald Head, will try to avoid his destiny as leader, at the cost of provoking a bloody war between villages. His life will remain in the hands of Black Eagle, Song in the Rain and the few Cherokee who still have hope for a better future, and have not been swallowed up by hatred towards the pale demon and the imminence of a new Age. The Myth of Eve is set in a world trying to face its future, dealing with a past whose darkest secret is yet to be revealed.


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