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Llévame a los cielos de Aradia

19.90 IVA incluido

Autor: Adrián Hyde

Colección: Ragnarok

Género: Ciencia Ficción – Futurista (mechas)

Formato: edición rústica con solapas (15x23cm)

Nº de páginas: 524



XXXI century, humanity has managed to solve problems such as global warming, pollution and hunger thanks to Climate Control, which allows any planet to be terraformed on a large scale. New states have arisen on Earth, increasingly ruled by the UN, however, just as progress seems unstoppable, a civilization from beyond the stars appears with hostile intentions. Zaira Tyresse, a teenager who has just been left alone in the world, will be key in future events because of the latest creation of her grandmother, the scientist who invented Climate Control: the Boadiceus, a weapon with which Zaira could become the savior of his species... or his executioner. Accompanied by the UN's highest admiral, a talented strategist, and a savage fighter pilot with an uncanny sense of honor, Zaira must learn to control Boadiceus and fulfill her destiny.


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