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La edad de la promesa

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18.90 IVA incluido

Autor: H. N. Abbot
Colección: Valkiria
Género: Fantasía urbana
Formato: edición rústica con solapas (15x23cm)
Nº de páginas: 456



"May the light of his lantern illuminate us all."
The age of promise has come for Raisa Morevna. Upon turning eighteen, only a select few are accepted to be part of the basileas, the priestesses who venerate the national heroine of the country of Balkania: Vasilisa the Beautiful. Raisa is one of them and hopes to carve out a promising future under the orders of the spiritual leader who runs the Sanctuary: the Great Basel Oblonskaya. But everything changes when Raisa is sent on a mysterious mission to Vasilisa's hometown. There she will discover that her destiny is much more linked to the woman she has promised to venerate than she thought, and that the legends and fables of the stories are not only stories, but are very real. When the Rusalkas, creatures from the darkness of the Abyss, are accidentally released again, Raisa must face her fears and hunt them down. To do this, he will have the invaluable help of Drazhan, a mysterious horseman who carries with him the mythical sword that defeated these fearsome creatures in the past. Both will discover that they are stronger together and that there is an evil even worse than the Rusalkas, an evil that lurks in the forest waiting to be found.

1 review for La edad de la promesa

  1. albabey

    Una fantasía juvenil con ambientación eslava increíble. Una historia que habla sobre el destino, el amor, y la amistad. Lleno de fantasía, magia, acción, giros y sorpresas. Personajes a los que les coges cariño, y relaciones de todo tipo. Además, el autor dota su novela de estilo de narración juvenil, «family fun», pero con toques oscuros que te hacen no parar de leer. No le pongo cinco estrellas por algunas cosillas, pero sin duda es una novela que te hace soñar con un nuevo mundo de folklore ruso y eslavo.

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