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Hija Vieja

17.00 IVA incluido

Autor: Javier Sachez

Colección: Valkiria

Género: Fantasía-Paranorma

Formato: edición rústica con solapas (14x21cm)

Nº de páginas: 320



As in all the villages in the region, the women of Vultimaco are fed up with the contempt and harshness they have suffered for centuries from the men. A violence that emerges at home, on the street and in bed. Encarnación, an old woman who bears the same name as all the women of her lineage, is ready to rally her neighbors. With her wisdom, her mettle and help from another time, she will stop the violence of men and encourage her companions to overcome submission and believe in themselves. They will even practice a bloody response, engendered in silence over millennia. For some it will be about justice for others pure revenge. And, therefore, they will be considered witches. Years later Penelope, a researcher on vacation in the village, will come face to face with that remote and magical universe, oblivious to the rest of the world. There he will verify the war that exists between tenderness and rage. He will decipher the strength of those women, the secular secret that unites them and also a new vision that will shake his life forever.


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