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El príncipe de los lirios

18.00 IVA incluido

Autora: Cristina Mestre
Colección: Valkiria
Género: Fantasía histórica
Formato: edición rústica con solapas (15x23cm)
Nº de páginas: 328



A dead scribe. Two cities on the brink of war. An impossible love. When Aranare's brother is found brutally murdered, the young dancer swears that justice will be served. Phaistos's prince, Khadikira, wants answers to the murders sweeping through his city. United by destiny, the two young men will strike up an unexpected friendship and face a mystery of colossal proportions. The investigation will take them to Knossos, the ancestral rival of Phaistos, where nothing is what it seems. And when the friendship begins to transform into something more, Jadikira and Aranare must figure out how to survive the political maelstrom, the forces that conspire against them and the feelings that threaten to devour them.


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