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El arte de la fuga

17.90 IVA incluido

Autor: Daniel Tordera
Colección: Odín
Género: Thriller psicológico

Formato: edición rústica con solapas (14x21cm)
Nº de páginas: 304



Léo wakes up in a strange room, a white cube with no doors or windows, not knowing how he got there. In each of the other three corners is an unconscious person. Soon he will discover the identity of his companions and the horrific truth that is hidden within those walls. Thus begins a story with a frenetic pace in which the four prisoners will put themselves to the test, confess their mistakes and their crimes and try to make the decisions they consider most correct, moved by generosity, love or selfishness. Will Léo be able to face the ghosts of his past or will he fall back into a spiral of self-destruction?


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