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Doce galaxias y una corbata de patitos

17.90 IVA incluido

Autor: Jordi Brizo

Colección: Ragnarok

Género: Ciencia ficción-humor

Formato: edición rústica con solapas (14x21cm)

Nº de páginas: 428

SKU: 9788412468151 Category:


Brok is a dim-witted mercenary with a good heart and a rubber duck tie. When he decides to enjoy his well-deserved rest on the Ultramarket space station, little does he know that his world is going to take a 180º turn in a few minutes and a few kilos of plastic explosive. His fate will soon become inextricably linked with Bwrik, a cowardly and cynical amphibian-man from the planet Flutt, and Titania, a vengeful scientist and race car driver. And it is that, being hired by force by a mysterious ship to deliver an unknown package, little do they imagine that the entire universe will depend on them and the crazy adventures they are about to experience. A wacky odyssey featuring a despotic supercomputer, an ancient race in decline, intergalactic pirates, old-fashioned robots, a violent superheroine, and large doses of space confusion.



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