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Cantar de gesta de un desertor (PREVENTA)

18.90 IVA incluido


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Autor: José Ángel del Barrio
Colección: Midgard
Género: Ficción histórica
Formato: edición rústica con solapas (15x23cm)
Nº de páginas: 446

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Philippines, June 1899. Hidden in the crowd, young Andrés Muñoz watches as the last Spanish detachment in Asia begins its return home. He should be one of those soldiers; however, he was a deserter… But can a man be constantly on the run? Upon arriving in his homeland, he finds himself face to face with a prostrate and humiliated nation, where he has lost everything: family, love and his own hope. Trapped in the stormy sea of ​​those hectic days, Andrés will go through a succession of adventures that will lead him to finally contemplate the shadow of the scaffold. However, someone is after him: Fray Guillermo de San Antonio, a Philippine veteran who knows the secret that that deserter holds, and who turns him into the great asset for an amazing coup that he has been projecting. A risky plan that could well cost your life, but it is worth it. In this way, in the company of a small group of adventurers, Andrés Muñoz will return to the Philippines, discovering that if love and hate are the great fuels that drive the human soul, only courage is the flame that lights them up.


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